I…..I Can’t Stop….

So as an early Christmas gift, I received a copy of Game Dev Tycoon. In this, you start a game company in your garage. You have three stages of development and in each stage, different sliders for different qualities. For example, in Stage one, you have to split your time working on Engine, Gameplay, and Story/Quests. … Continue reading

Sunshine and Blue Skies!

I was busy with family in town and cleaning and craziness but I was nominated for a couple of awards and finally had time to sit down and say thank you!  I was nominated for the Sunshine award and the Versatile Blogger award. Since I already did the Versatile Blogger award, I wanted to do … Continue reading

LAST DAY for Super Roman Conquest

So a friend of mine shared this game with me and I was in awe. Super Roman Conquest is a real time strategy game in a 3d side scrolling format  RTS games and myself have a fickle relationship, but this I could get behind.  They are in the last 24 hours of their Kickstarter campaign, but 10 bucks gets … Continue reading

Dear Santa, M0AR STEAM GAMES!!!111OneOneOne

So I have no interest right now to purchase a new console. Some of it is due to launch day issues (bad hardware in the first couple of waves, software patches, limited games). I am also not 100% sure which one I will go with, though right now, I am leaning towards the PS4. I … Continue reading